Portable Gasdetection

Gas detection aims to give an indication of whether a certain gas is present that could pose a potential hazard to humans or installations. By using portable gas detection, employees can immediately signal a dangerous situation and take action.
Marine Safety Europe offers portable single-gas detection and multi-gas detection. Which gas detection is best for you depends on the type of gas you want to detect and the location.

Rent gas detection

Would you like to rent a gas detection? We rent out gas detectors of different brands, for short and long periods. We also take care of the calibration and ready within 24 hours!

Maintenance and calibration of gas detection equipment

To ensure reliable operation of your gas detectors, it is important that the equipment is periodically checked. At Marine Safety Europe we can inspect your gas detectors. The inspection consists of a visual inspection, performing a zero point calibration, calibration of the sensor and checking the various alarms.

For more information about gas detection, advice, calibration or renting gas detection, please contact us at info@marinesafetyeurope.com or call us on +31 (0) 10-435 50 22. Our gas detection specialists are happy to help you.

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