Lith-Ex AVD Fire Extinguishers

Fires involving Lithium batteries cannot be extinguished with regular extinguishing agents, because when a battery goes into ‘thermal runaway’, it goes into thermal rampage, so to speak. This is accompanied by very high temperatures and a lot of gas formation. The Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguishers have been specially developed for quickly and safely controlling lithium-ion battery fires. 

Lith-Ex AVD has been specially developed
for extinguishing battery fires

  • ​Specially developed for battery fires
  • Cools and shuts off oxygen supply
  • Proven to be the most effective extinguishing agent for battery fires
  • Completely eco-friendly
  • Also very effective with class A fires
  • Available from 2 liters to 100 liters extinguishing units

How does the AVD extinguisher work?

AVD stands for a water-based dispersion containing chemically exfoliated vermiculite. When sprayed on lithium battery fires, it extinguishes the flames and prevents further fire spread, effectively halting the progression of "thermal runaway."

Vermiculite, a key ingredient, is a naturally occurring non-combustible mineral that poses no toxicity risks to humans, animals, or the environment.


Capacity2 Litres6 Litres9 Litres
Agent weight2.2 kg6.6 kg9.9 kg
Total weight4.3 kg10.7 kg15.0 kg
Total height110 mm170 mm170 mm
Total diameter410 mm522 mm170 mm
Min. working temp.+5°C+5°C+5°C
Max. working temp.+60°C+60°C+60°C
Approx. discharge time50 secs120 secs180 secs
Operating pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar
Extinguishing agentAVDAVDAVD
PropellantNitrogen (3% He)Nitrogen (3% He)Nitrogen (3% He)
Viscosity [Sp3, 100rpm]<500cP<500cP<500cP
Fire rating5A13A13A
Conform EN3-7EN12053EN12053EN12053
35kV dielectric test35kV dielectric test35kV dielectric test

35kV dielectric test

Bio degradable

Non toxic

Bio degradableBio degradableBio degradableBio degradable
Non ToxicNon ToxicNon Toxic

Non Toxic


Lithium Battery Suppression Kit

The Lithium Battery Suppression Kit is designed to swiftly and safely handle battery-related incidents in enclosed spaces. This kit enables the rapid extinguishing of fires and safe storage of the device using heat-resistant gloves. Even if the battery reignites, an incombustible bag prevents damage to the surroundings. Tested with batteries at 100% charge and capacities exceeding 400Wh, while airline passengers are allowed to carry unregistered batteries up to 160Wh. The suppression kit provides a solution for the use and storage of electronic devices in confined spaces, originally crafted for aviation but also suitable for applications in the maritime sector, subways, and various other settings.

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